Steps needed during your pregnancy to remain safe

Pregnancy is a very delicate stage in a woman’s life. She is carrying another human being inside her, and the best way to ensure your child’s well being, is to take care of the mother. Taking care of parental health issues during, before and after the pregnancy period is extremely important. If you feel that you are pregnant, schedule your first prenatal appointment by contacting your healthcare provider. It should take around six to eight weeks of your pregnancy to get your first appointment. At your first visit, the health care provider will determine how many days pregnant you are based on various physical examinations and also on your last period’s date. With the help of an ultrasound image, your delivery date will also be predicted. 

For the next nine months, you need to visit the health care provider for several times. At first, you visit him or her every four weeks for the first twenty-eight weeks, then every two weeks until thirty-six weeks and finally every week until the time of delivery. Throughout your entire pregnancy period, your healthcare provider will check your blood pressure and your weight, and also determine the condition of the baby through various processes. 

Caucasian woman holding sonogram over pregnant belly

You can either consult with a gynaecologist, family practitioner or certified midwives as your healthcare provider. You should also take care of your diet, as your child is also dependent on you for his/her nutritional values. You should never cut off calories during this time, but instead, increase the consumption of calories. A good diet during the pregnancy period consists of green vegetables, lean meat, fruits, whole-grain, breads and low dairy fat products. The diet that you must follow is good for both you and your child. The diet should consist of good nutritional value.  Various minerals like calcium, iron, and folic acid are also essential for your dietary purposes. It is very essential to consume a lot of fluids during pregnancy. As during pregnancy, a woman’s blood volume increases, so by consuming plenty of fluids you can ensure good health. Exercising is also important during the pregnancy period. You should follow proper exercises as prescribed by the healthcare provider. You should also avoid any sort of stress and have lots of sleep. You must avoid the consumption of alcohol, nicotine, recreational drugs and marijuana as these substances may be harmful to the baby inside you. 

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